pjm_11_mMy name is Peter J Mayes.

I have been designing, building, making and generally creating all manner of ‘stuff’ since I can remember. Indeed one of my earliest recollections is my 4th birthday when I got a tube (yellow) of rubber bricks. Ironic that I then went on to design and build my own house.

At school I was always good at; and enjoyed, art. I went to art college and qualified as an illustrator (in the days before computer aided design). I spent a year in a drawing office before taking a bit of a gap from the arts.

In the early 1980s I took up photography and ran a small and quite successful business doing weddings, portrait and small products. I also taught photography at adult education classes and in school.

After moving to West Wales in 1986 I went into garden design and started creating cartoons and caricatures. By the early 1990s I had discovered computers and ‘got into’ CAD and DTP; becoming proficient in (and teaching) Aldus PageMaker (now InDesign) and CorelDraw as well as Office and other business software.

In 1995 I, along with my partner Heather, embarked on a major design and build; our own house. This was a 5 bedroom property in half an acre of land. The design included the house and the gardens; large deck, water feature, lawns, shrubbery and a chicken run:)

In 2005 I took up photography again; this time digital and built a small studio. I continued with developing the cartoon characters predominantly for business related projects.

I and Heather left our beloved house in 2014 and moved to Holt in Wiltshire. Here we set about another design project; renovating a 1960s bungalow that was in desperate need of a refit.

Art and photography projects have taken a bit of a back seat during the renovation. As of from autumn 2016, progress is under way in developing the ‘studio’ offering to businesses requiring design, photography and other creative endeavours.

Much of the output is from my own fair hand, computer or camera. That said I also use a number of freelance associates to cover specialist works or when I need 28 hours a day to complete to client deadlines.

Modus Operandi (the way I work)

Operating in the UK I work within UK jurisdiction.  I have interpreted this in the following outline terms:

  • copyright remains with the ‘studio’ unless otherwise agreed in writing
  • art commissions of less than £250 do not require a deposit; above this is 25%
  • B2C payment is expected on completion of design, art or photography
  • license to use any image is not granted until payment is received
  • B2B training and consultancy is invoiced and payable within 14 days