A collection of illustrations

For the past couple of months, I have been working on a major learning and development project; Art in Strategic Thinking. I’m now looking at the marketing side of things and decided to create my own illustrations; well I am a qualified illustrator. Here is a series of images I created to illustrate the principle artistic endeavours within the AiST program.

How might you benefit from another viewpoint?

Being a leader requires you to choose a particular view of your organisation.

When was the last time you considered your viewpoint or invited others to showcase theirs?

Using perspective enables you to choose the best vantage so that when you view the same data and information from different positions, a different picture will emerge. And what insights might become obscured?

How will you choose and secure the best position from which you and your team can view the most important insights for your strategic intent?

Perespective Poster A4 01

Is there another way to view your organisation?

When you look at a picture how do you classify the work? What you do is based on existing knowledge.

Is the way you see your organisation; your existing perceptual framework: appropriate? How do you know?

By engaging in creative endeavours your organisation can unleash the potential of your team and conceive new ideas.

Changing the way that something is perceived can develop reflective practice so that your organisation can embrace an uncertain future.

Classification Poster A4 01a

Art or Illustration

For as long as I can remember I have been a visual, creative individual. The most significant anchoring experience in my childhood was the exhibiting of my representation of a phrase from The Ancient Mariner; Like a painted ship upon a painted ocean. I was eight years old.

It seemed natural that I would go to art college and after a foundation year, experimenting with all manner of media, I majored in Technical Illustration.

Fast forward a few decades and a dilemma which had occasionally bothered me, emerged regarding the categorisation of two-dimensional visual creative disciplines and their resulting works (outputs); art or illustration.

Research into the meaning of the words and reading around the subject of aesthetics; including Art as Experience by John Dewey is challenging me to formulate a distinction between the two disciplines.

So far, my thinking is as follows:

Art is:

The self-directed act of an individual to express themselves and embody substance (tangible or intangible) in an aesthetic form.

Art is about unrestricted self-expression. The artist will create a work through the appropriate use of media in a form that will provide an aesthetic experience for the observer through one or more of the senses. The output of the work may be the representation of an actual scene or object in the case of landscape or still life. The output might also be a representation of a mood, emotion or other non-material expression such as love, growth, isolation. Subject to taste a work of art will induce a feeling within the observer; they may even experience wonder.

Illustration is:

The directed act of an individual to symbolise substance (tangible or intangible) in an agreeable form.

Illustration is about the fulfillment of a brief to represent the narrative of a commissioner. The output of the activity may be the accurate reproduction of an object or the abstract representation of a theme. The creator and the commissioner are not expecting to provide an aesthetic experience for the observer. The observer may or may not like the work but the objective is to convey the narrative only. Irrespective of taste an illustration will convey the narrative to the observer devoid of aesthetic intent.

The above two definitions and explanations are ‘works in progress’ as I dig deeper into the visual representation of substance (both tangible and intangible).

Question (rhetorical); is the following a ‘work of art’ or an ‘illustration’.

I’ve been away – sort of.

I haven’t posted here for a while; not because I have been idle but because I have been soooooo busy.

Over the past few months I have had the great pleasure in combining two of my favorite interests: learning and development and aviation.

I have been heavily involved in developing a drone training program for a new UK NQE plus most of their required documents including technical and reference material.

This project is coming to a close as submission to the CAA is due by the end of July 2018.

I look forward to being able to exploit the huge range of knowledge that I have accrued through the research I put into creating some 30+ documents.

And I can also now divert some of my attention to the personal projects I have had to put on hold for the past 4+ months.

Exploratory training course

Would you be interested in being part of an exploratory training course that creates an environment to practice an innovative way of learning to think strategically?

I am looking for between six and eight corporate individuals, from one or more organisations who can provide space to conduct a one day Art in Strategic Thinking programme.

There is no direct trainer cost to this course. I will need to recoup expenses such as travelling and or subsistence. It is developmental and will inform further work in expanding the course and other material I am writing.

Email me direct if you would like to explore this idea further.

Looking for co-authors

The Art in strategic thinking

Art as a vehicle for learning to think strategically


A call for anecdotes

For the past 15 or more years I have been periodically exploring the opportunity to relate artistic endeavour with organisational development, in particular strategic thinking. Finally in 2017 I came up with a framework that connects the two thought processes. I have a creative background and have substantially developed the principles of artistic endeavour and now welcome others’ thoughts from a philosophical, artistic and organisational standpoint. I have some education and experience in strategic thinking, however to fully explore, expand and embed the premise of creativity in learning to think strategically I feel I would benefit from dialogue with others who have anecdotes to explore.

The requirement

I am looking to engage with between three and five individuals who have been or who are currently involved in the strategy element of business development. Two or three of these contributors will take a key role in developing the book and be co authors. The other contributors will be acknowledged as such for their input but will not be expected to have input into developing the overall narrative.

There is a fuller description of the principles and an outline of the book at: http://peterjmayes.studio/art-in-strategic-thinking/


The rewards

Rewards for any engagement will be highly speculative. The contributors who are co authors will be rewarded though the sale of books and any speaking, consulting or training engagements that are derived from the publication. An option for this is the creation of a company. The other contributors will be rewarded with book credits and a batch of the first published edition for their own use.

The process

Potential contributors should email me (peterm@peterjmayes.studio) with a brief overview of past or current involvement in leadership and organisational development. Also include an anecdote that might fit one of the following principles:

  • Looking and seeing; the art of challenging limiting beliefs
  • A question of style; choosing the strategic objective
  • Big picture and ignoring what isn’t needed
  • Negative space and what isn’t there
  • Perspective and the changing power of detachment
  • Light and shade, the blindingly obvious and darkest recesses
  • Colour, where cold, calculating and warm, fuzzy have their place
  • The medium; a look at tools to create a strategic plan


There is a fuller description of the principles and an outline of the book at: http://peterjmayes.studio/art-in-strategic-thinking/