Commissioning knowledge and creative services is a challenging endeavour; not least because the costs of some providers’ offerings are effectively hidden by smoke and mirrors. For the prospective client; procurement is presented as a mystic art. Well, hopefully not here.

On this page is our modus operanti for commissioning:

learning and development design
animated video
product photography
design facilitation

There are of course other design and creative activities that a prospective client may wish to commission from the studio; please do get in touch.

Learning and Development Design

For those looking to deliver experiential and accelerated learning and development programmes then we at the .studio would be keen to assist.

Whether you are looking for soft skills training in Management or more technical skills for IT or perhaps UAV Operations; we have over 20 years experience in designing and creating programmes that meet client objectives.

In order to produce what you need we will insist on a comprehensive scoping exercise; a meeting of key stakeholders including potential facilitators, to devise an overview of content and general method of delivery.

General outputs from a design project will be:

  • defined objectives
  • candidate workbook
  • comprehensive trainer notes
  • support materials such as PPT and digital files for handouts and posters

So that your facilitators will be confident when they first engage with candidates, we recommend a run through to confirm the content is as required and the method of delivery fits with expectations.

Time based charges are:
Hour: £50
Half day: £175
Full day: £300

Animated Video

For those who wish to listen (rather than read the following) please open the following audio file:

And those wanting to watch a VideoScribe WhiteBoard version:

Initial briefing and scoping

The client will provide an initial idea that they wish to have worked up into a video animation.

The source of this could be:

The client has a requirement that has not been scripted or otherwise formalised

The client has devised a script that will be illustrated and narrated

The client presents a story which requires scripting and illustrating

The client provides an audio file that the wish to have illustrated

The requirement will address the following:

Client objective
What is the client’s expectation from the video being watched

Target market
To whom is the video targeted; demographic

Is the video for a single organisation or will it be sold on to other businesses

Dialogue and discussion takes place to scope the extent of the proposed project. The result of the scoping will include:

Number and complexity of objects required
Number of scenes
Potential duration of the video
Likely cost based on the above (+/- 20%)

Based on the briefing and scoping, the client will agree to proceed (or not) and if so PJMS will move onto developing the animation.


The first part of developing an animation is to storyboard the story as undertood. Storyboarding is the process of taking the general concept and mapping out likely objects and scenes. The storyboarding process will confirm the proposed duration and final cost.

The story-boarding process will include a number of refinement iterations to ensure the clients’ requirements are being met.

Ideally, during the story-boarding process the client will advise on inclusion of credits, titles and other markings to be created within the ‘envelope’. It should be noted that a client copyright notice will be included unless previously agreed.

It should be noted that once video production starts, further amendments will be likely and necessary.

Video production

A completed video is likely to include the animation plus and ‘envelope’; which might include features such as;

Narration and soundtrack

The standard production methodology for creating the animation is linear. Scenes are established and objects created and then added to each scene. During the production; pre-existing audio into which the animation is being added, may be edited to ensure appropriate timing.

Initial rendering of the animation can be submitted for review to ensure that client requirements are being worked towards.


Amendments to scene or objects can be made once the video animation is substantially complete prior to the ‘envelope’ being added.


PJM charge by the hour, half day and day. Minimum charge is 1 hour. OR by the project.

Time based charges are:
Hour: £50
Half day: £175
Full day: £300

Project based charges are estimated:
Short Whiteboard Video including custom characters: £150
Medium Video including custom characters, multiple scenes and soundtrack: £400
Long Video including custom characters, multiple scenes, soundtrack and narration: £750


PJM undertake a variety of predominantly B2B commissions. These might include:

small product

PJM charge by the hour, half day and day. Minimum charge is 1 hour. OR by the project.

Time based charges are:
Hour: £50
Half day: £175
Full day: £300

Design facilitation

When developing new ideas, products, services or ways of doing things, having a number of creative minds within a team is a huge benefit. Peter J Mayes is a qualified coach, illustrator and systems analyst. Get in touch when you need someone who will reliably go off on a tangent to come up with possible solutions.

Time based charges excluding expenses are:
Half day: £150
Full day: £250