Unrealistic expectations

Can you believe that some people really do expect the following list of topics to be introduced in a ONE DAY senior management course.

Senior Management Training Outline

This course will cover the following content:

Module 1: Communication Skills

Effective Interpersonal Communication

Understanding the Environment

Emotional Intelligence

Delivering and Receiving Feedback

Handling Difficult Conversations

Active Listening and presentations

Non-verbal and verbal Communication


Written and Oral Communication


Module 2: Conflict

Interpersonal and Organisational Conflict Resolution



Module 3: Creativity and Innovation

Creative Thinking

Customer service and support


Module 4: Employee Wellbeing

Assisting the employees

Safety and wellness of the employees

Stress Management

Violence Detection and Prevention

Work-life Balance


Module 5: Ethics

Social Responsibility

Inquiry and questions

Meeting Management


Module 6: Group Dynamics

Group Problem Solving and Decision Making

Learn to Lead Groups and Meetings

Online Groups

Questioning Techniques


Module 7: Leadership Training

Common Employment Laws

Crisis Management

Dealing with Ineffective Managers

Learn about effective Decision Making


Demonstrating Integrity and Courage in employees

Employee Maintenance

Managing Absenteeism

Managing Day-to-Day Employee Performance

Managing High Potential talented Employees

Managing in Tough Times

Strategic Leadership and Thinking

Supervision and management


Module 8: Performance Management

Capacity Building

Disciplinary Action

Goal Setting and Feedback

Performance Development, Improvement, Measurement, and Planning


Module 9: Project Management Training


Balanced Scorecard

Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle for Continuous Improvement

Problem Solving & Lean Concepts

Systems Thinking


Module 10: Executive Training

Team Building

Employee Empowerment and Involvement

Team Building Activities

Self-directed Teams

Team Performance Management